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Bride To Be & Bridesmaid To Be





Depending on the season your wedding will take place, it will play a big role in the style of the dress. So choose the right dress according to the weather. For example, choose a velvet dress in winter and in summer a sleeveless lace dress. You do not want your cabbage to be refrigerated in a sleeveless dress when the thermometer is around 0? On the same note, a velvet bridesmaid dress would be inappropriate for a wedding in summer and there mademoiselle will not be in the mood to parade. Do not forget to include seasonal accessories like a jacket, a bolero , or a vest if you have opted for a wedding in winter.

The bride is going to be the main attraction on her wedding day, but choosing bridesmaid dresses is very important too. Picking the bridesmaid dresses can be a huge task, since the bridesmaids are of different sizes and they all have different tastes.

Shopping  Time


We all know that for setting up your wedding, you have a budget not to be exceeded. And as marriage can cost very expensive, it is recommended to allocate a budget to the dresses or small ones to see what choices are available to you (dress of the same color, personalized or not).