As a University or Higher Professional Education student, you want to start your studies with a new backpack, of course. But how do you choose a student bag and which properties should a backpack for University actually have?

How many items do you take with you to your studies?

Before choosing a student backpack, it's important that you know how much stuff you want to take with you. Most studies require a laptop, several books, and a notepad or agenda.

Do you have few or only small books? A student bag of 20 liters would be a good choice. Do you need several books at the same time? If so, we recommend a backpack of up to 30 liters.

Does the backpack have padded shoulder straps?
Does the backpack have a sturdy, padded back panel?
Does the backpack have a chest strap?

A backpack doesn't necessarily have to meet these requirements, but it makes carrying a slightly heavier bag a lot more comfortable. 







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How do you choose a student backpack?


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