Interesting Statistics

In 2014


The number of people living with Head & Neck cancer at the end of 2014 in Australia

16,529  (diagnosed in the 5 year period 2010 to 2014).


In 2015


The were 4,632 new cases diagnosed in Australia

4,632  =  (3,337 males and 1,295 females).



2019 estimate

  • Estimated number of new cases of Head & Neck cancer diagnosed in 2019

     5,212 = 3,807 males + 1,405 females


  • Estimated number of deaths from Head and Neck cancer in 2019

    1,202 = 887 males + 315 females


How common is H&N cancer in Australia

H&N was the 7th most commonly diagnosed cancer in Australia in 2015 and estimated it will remain the 7th most commonly diagnosed cancer in Australia in 2019.

•Figure 1: Estimated most common cause of cancer death, 2019

The Australian - Cancer Australia website provides a wealth of information about Cancer


Below is an extract from the Australian site about Head and Neck cancer statistics in Australia.


The good news is that whilst there is a growing incidence of diagnosed cases of H&N cases over the years since 1982, statistics as of 2015 has shown the 5-year relative survival rate from H&N cancer improved from 62% to 71%. 


More up to date information can be found at the Australian Government Cancer website


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