Definitely, there is a huge need to invest in research opportunities on the topic of growth in technological industry. Firm growth has been abducted by only and only the product differentiation and innovation. It has been a topic of debate about the innovations in product design and category in IT industry.


Cloud computing is a new thinking and approach in technology industry which is helpful in highly technological industry to gain its motives and is also helpful in getting the other motives like - infrastructure problems, pay per use methods as well. Although the differentiation of ERP in cloud industry has been a matter of discussion between the large and small scale enterprises.


Firstly there were SAP like companies whose target were large enterprises, Later on they started to target SME companies. Traditionally there are more than 120 million companies in more than 130 countries. It can dramatically increase the cloud ERP demand in the whole world.


Today there is a new era of the saas based cloud ERP software. Using the SAAS software can open the door for the new vendors by enabling task distribution. Competitor dynamics also can attract and influence the working model of the organization although it is an extra variable. Mostly Technologically successful companies are MSME companies.    



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