When we do talk about ERP in terms of cloud computing, we talk about collecting data, automation of activities, creating sequence of modeling activities, proper information retrieval etc. The proper installation of ERP is capable to bring new transformations in coming years -

ERP helps in bringing digital transformation in an organization. It will help in reducing operating costs, increasing data visualization, user experience, real time data analysis and monitoring. It will lead to better decision making and implementation.

Manufacturers and distributors are mostly involved towards the creation of vibrant ecosystems and they will start investing in digital ecosystem and resources and approximately 25-30% of the revenue will be spent on digital transformation.

The organizations will decide to implement on the hybrid cloud erp systems in which all new SAAS services through modules will be provided. This implementation will include the services like - vetting, connecting, deploying, testing etc.

New ERP systems will be based on machine learning and AI ( artificial intelligence) technologies by which they will be able to decide on the data security and access. It is estimated that more than 30% of activities will be based on functional automation.

In ERP cloud computing, the scope of supply and chain activities are increasing day by day. Although it is estimated that the erp systems are not capable for supply and chain and the organizations should go for cloud computing systems to gain more agility.


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