Today businesses often need to react against the market fluctuations to achieve their business goals. Today ERP is not only a medium to organize the business processes but also an effective medium to get the desired success.

There are two ways to achieve competitive advantage by using ERP software - in first method, ERP software associates the business activities data in its desired modules and in second method, it retrieves the managers the proper access of information and data monitoring.

The risk factor is also associated with the cloud ERP software system. Although no any company can move forward if it does not accept the risks. It is an uncertainty which deviates the company functions from the expected. The only purpose of the ERP implementation is to minimize the overall risk of the organization.

The more challenging situation is occured when the new situations are occured like - decreases sales, staff reduction, change in administration policies etc. The changing economical situation is also responsible for the downfall in the performance of organization.

One more big thing that comes from the ERP vendors side that they understand the ERP success due to technical aspects, but not from the point of organization requirements. This perspective also creates a problem.


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