Different phases of ERP implementation -

Pre planning evaluation -

In this phase, the selection of the desired ERP vendors is performed. This screening phase is necessary to evaluate the proper ERP vendor on the base of vendor consultants, external consultants of the company etc.

Package Evaluation -

In this phase, the selection of the proper erp package is selected. This phase is very important, because it will decide the overall success and failure of the organization. To switch on the different ERP vendor or package is very huge cost cumulative, so do it right the first time is very important.   

Project Planning -

In this phase, the overall selection of implementation activities are decided. In this phase the timeline, deadline are decided and the roles of the overall implementation team workers are decided. This phase also allocates the responsibilities to the assigned members.

Gap analysis -

This is the most necessary step of the ERP project life cycle in which a company decides that in which direction the project and the company will move. A project model is anticipated that decides the functional gaps.  

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