How dabur company got successful in implementing ERP software ?

Dabur India Limited is a FMCG company which is having worth of 48000 crore INR and its net annual profit is 7000 crore INR. Since more than 130 years, Dabur is the largest Ayurvedic and Natural healthcare company in India. It deals in more than 250 herbal and ayurvedic products. There are about 4000 distributors of the company and it has 14 manufacturing plants in all over the country. There are approximately 3500 employees in Dabur company.   

Why Dabur company implemented the ERP initiative ?

The Dabur company was using FoxPro to handle its logistics and inventory but since when near 2000, when the distribution network of the company started to increase, then the company first time realized to take on the new ERP software. The “Project Synergy” was initialized to implement the ERP software in the company.

The Dabur company implemented two ERP software named - MFG/PRO and BaaN. MFG/PRO was initialized to handle the internal logistics and BaaN software was used to handle the manufacturing locations. Later on only one software MFG / PRO was initialized to handle both operations.

Advantages of implementing the ERP software -

  • late shipping was removed and 80% of sales were started delivering on time

  • Improvement in sales returns and collections in only 6 days

  • Company led to better management and distribution

  • better coordination on checks and schemes and stopping its misuse

  • Many schemes are handled at the main office


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