India is a diverse economy which is truly based on the handicraft and agriculture based tasks. Due to availability of natural resources, favorable climate and agriculture based economics these segments had been successful in achieving the growth. Here clay is useful in making figurines, bricks, tiles and beads.

In India, there is a incredible faith has been associated with the fact, that the handicraft products are being made by the handmade mechanisms. One of the raw materials is used is stone which has no need of much processing and technology. Today gemstones are also being used to make the architectural items.

In Indian handicraft industry there is a big role of fibres in making a significant contribution to the whole segment. It has helped many tribal women in getting the direct or indirect employment. Many industries have been able to survive because of jute material. In NCR region, bamboo and jute products of handicrafts are still in fashion.   

Textile crafts are the basic needs of human needs. These are also very famous in India. But the process of making the Indian textiles are still very popular and complexed. Here many raw materials are woven, dyeing, painting and printing is done and it is also done with embroidery.

In addition to this, handicraft items made of paper is also very important in Indian handicraft culture. specially in jammu and kashmir, this paper handicraft is very popular in India.   


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