It is found that till 2019, in USA 80% of organizations would have adopted the hybrid cloud ERP systems, and the remaining small and MSME enterprises would have adopted the simple ERP systems to fulfill their day to day data and information retrieval requirements. Organizations truly are needed to adopt cloud ERP software to host their workloads online.

It is necessary for the business entrepreneurs to connect IT infrastructure with the business activities and outcomes. It is much more necessary to associate the key performance indicators like - cost, time and measurement of assets in terms of profit and revenue potential. For this many metrics are applied with the proper change management and operational cost.    

The approach of selecting the proper ERP vendors is already changing with advancing technologies. Today many factors are being considered for the selecting proper ERP vendor -

  • cost

  • performance

  • reliability

  • reputation   

There is a new approach that is going to be started in 2018-19 financial year, that the organizations are selecting the proper group of ERP vendors instead of depending on the single vendor. This is similar approach to traditional suppliers association with the enterprises.

The new ERP software are completely dependent on the development resources on the organization and they have no impact on the business operational activities of an organization. The secondary costs can be distributed among the other functional costs in an organization.  


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