Success indicators of an ERP software -

Intention to use -

This factor decides the success of an ERP software in a positive manner. The degree of satisfying user requirements by the ERP software can be  the great success indicator of a cloud ERP project.

Individual impact -

There are the following variables which satisfies the productivity of an ERP system -

  • better understanding of the user towards system

  • perception towards the system functionality

  • change in user activity

Organizational Context -

It is found that there is a positive correlation between the stock prices of an organization and success of ERP project. If the cost of operation decreases after the implementation of ERP software and revenue potential increases, so then the productivity of the ERP software is fulfilled.

Project success -

The success of the project should be calculated on the overall basis of the time of implementation, cost, usage, quality and scope. These all factors are combinedly associated with the overall success of an organizational ERP implementation.  

User satisfaction -

This factor decides that how the information with the whole quality is shown to the user and the level of satisfaction is also measured in this category.

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