Uttar Pradesh has one city whose name is Saharanpur. It is basically famous for its wooden handicrafts which are specifically made from Sheesham wood. Here wooden craftsmen are also famous for wood carving work due to scarcity of wooden material.

There is an incredible fact there is associated with the wooden handicraft of Saharanpur that the handicrafts are made in floral motif and in circular geometry. Approximately the wooden handicraft having worth of more than 300 crore rupees is exported annually from Saharanpur only.

The wooden handicraft is also a very important source of income for the inhabitants. According to data, more than 4000 people are directly related as well more than 3000 workers are indirectly related to the handicraft industry.

There are more than 7000 micro units established for wood carving. The main export of handicraft is gone to USA, UK, Spain, France, Saudi Arabia, UAE. Approximately the wooden handicraft having worth of 750 crore INR is consumpt only in international market and more than having worth of 200 crore is consumpt only in domestic level.    


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