SARAS mela is the fair organized by Government to promote the rural products and handicrafts and it is organized by the efforts of the central Government to make aware of the Indian urban consumers about the rural handicrafts. It has been initiated during 1999 and it has been initiated under the SGSY scheme of the Government.

The main purpose of this type of fairs and exhibitions is to remove the role of the intermediators and the middlemen between the artisans and the buyers. Firstly it was promoted under the umbrella brand to promote the rural handicrafts. The biggest advantage of this fair is that the bulk orders can be easily accessed by the consumers for the rural crafts.

The main products which are considered as the center of the attraction during the SARAS fair are -

metal products

silk and zorzet sarees

wooden and bamboo handicrafts

madhuban paintings

carpets and shawls

terracotta designs  


In SARAS mela there is one interesting aspects we can see that the training programmes for the artisans are organized in which the business promotion methods are taught to the rural artisans. The workshops are also organized at the regular basis.

Governments are also organizing the investment into the every 5 year development programs. It is estimated that the 752 crore rupees are invested in to the handicraft sector in the eleventh five year development programs which is very recommendable. A number of different institutions are working for the development of the rural handicrafts.

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