What are the project related variables of ERP satisfaction ?

Internal support -

Internal support is defined as the company’s top management support, planning, training and team contributions towards the ERP implementation. The positive response of the top management becomes the reason of successful implementation of the ERP project.

Software Selection -

The importance of proper software selection effects the success of ERP implementation in a huge amount. If the necessities of the organization is mismatched with the software functionalities, the ERP software can fail miserably.

Consultant Support -

This factor is an important aspect of the successful ERP implementation support. The capability of the ERP vendor and consultant support decides the successful implementation of the ERP project.

Perceived ease of use -

This factor is the degree of expectation for the front end direct user that with how much free effort he can use the software to fulfill their requirements.

Perceived Usefulness -

This factor can enhance the job effectiveness of the overall ERP implementation. This factor decides that user job performance should increase after successful ERP implementation.


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