The liberalization of international trade has impacted a wooden furniture a lot. It has led to a transfer in manufacturing process of Asia, China and European companies. This thing has affected the furniture industry growth specially to China.

The huge amount of the labour costs has constituted a huge industrial growth to the furniture growth in China and it has crossed all the export limits worldwide. The increasing demand of chinese products have led to end of manufacturing sections in united states.

In USA alone, approximately more than 35% of furniture manufacturing companies have been diluted. Still in Canada, Germany, Italy, Brazil and Mexico are the major exporters of furniture industry.  

To control the increasing effect of the Chinese and other economies in the growing furniture industry worldwide, USA and and other european companies are exposing themselves to the asian companies. They are either taking over to these companies or they are purchasing these companies and franchising in them to control the supply chain process of the furniture industry.

European companies are also starting doing well in the fast growing industry of wooden furniture and handicraft products. Like - IKEA is the great example of the sweden company which exports furniture items to more than 55 countries. It also participates in swedish economy by producing the finished products and goods.


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