The quality of output variable in ERP segment is dependent on this point that how much it reduces the gap between the end user and custom functionality process. From different business initiatives this output variable can vary.

Job relevance -

Job relevance means that how much a user can perform the given set of tasks. In other words this point shows that how can a user is capable of taking advantage of the system to fulfill their job needs.

Images compatibility -

The image compatibility shows that how much an organization can be able to sustain their profitability and can make an image with in their target audience. The success level of the ERP is measured at this parameter.   

Compatibility -

Still in many organizations, data is found in different distributed centralized ERP systems and other subsidiaries. So there is a big requirement in collaborating the ERP software with other subsidiary systems. This degree of compatibilities decides the success of organization.


Reliability of system -

System reliability of the ERP software is decided by this point that with how much assurity a ERP software can distribute the data to is authentified users. This matter of concern can decide the trustworthiness of the system.

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