Channapatna is a city located from 60 km far from Banglore, Karnataka. It is also known as the town of toys. Its native language is Kannada and it haskannada as its own native language. The wooden toys manufacturers here are related to the small and medium scale industries.

Each and every household here are associated to the toy making. Its products have also made a worldwide recognition under world trade centre. Here wooden material of ivory-wood, rubber, pine and teak are used to make toys. here toys are wood based but the polishing and vegetable dyes are also used to varnish these toys.

There is a huge change in the thinking attitude of craftsmen as per according to changing customer demands. These changes have been successful to bring changes to craftsmen with financial stability. It will bring sustainability, overall socio-economic development and profitability to the artisans.  

Today Indian Government has started the initiative to start giving the GI certificate (geographical identity certificates ) which is given on the basis of locality origin and member country specific people. Basically this comes under the intellectual property right (IPR).

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