Handicraft industry in India is very well renowned for their variety, elegance, beauty, designs, skill of their craftsmen and quality of long lasting functions. It is an ancient art which has been proven by the Mohenjo-daro and harappa civilization ruins and remains.

Indian handicraft sector is the gift of the people of rural and tribal people who make these marvelous handicrafts by using hand or simple tools. The employment rate has been grown over 3% in last five years.

The demand of Indian handicraft industry has been increasing in european countries like - Germany, Italy and switzerland and united states also where chinese machinemade products have always been in demand.

The handicraft industry in India is so decentralised because the product prices in the other industries are fixed but in handicraft products the prices of the products are so changing. The manufacturers of the products are so unlucky in gaining the complete profit so they are no longer able to make the high quality level of products.

In addition to this, there is no quality assurance and testing methods of the handicraft products available in Indian market. There is tough level of job to maintain the level of the supremacy of handicraft products in domestic and international level of market.  


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