In 2017, Indian economics was recovering from the demonetisation and economic recession and to recover from losses in this volatile economics, Organizations have to seek ERP solutions to ensure their survival. This need is increasing from the last decade in the small and big organizations because of increasing amount of data.

ERP system makes help in determining the upstreaming and downstreaming the flow of data in an organization. Indian government is focusing on the digitization of more and more activities and much progress has been done on the automation of the electronic currency in both of the national and organization level.

It is necessary to understand the complexity of the total organization work culture and its work structure and also the effect of ERP implementation on the overall organization. There are the distinct variables which describe the successful implementation of the ERP software -

  • ERP system is more than a computer.

  • ERP software as a competitive advantage sector.

  • ERP is the future of the companies.   


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