South Africa, with the population of more than 40 million people as per the first quarter census 2015, is passing through the fierce problem of the unemployment. Approximately more than 50% youth population of south africa is suffered with the unemployment or economically inactivity. Thus the unemployment increment rate is measured as 25% per annum.

So today there is a big need to invoke micro entrepreneurship in the youth generation and to encourage them for the self-employment. There is no lack of natural resources in South Africa and there is a huge possibility of employment opportunity for the youth generation.

Here south african government is paying attention towards the development of handicraft industry. There is a significant improvement in the handicraft industry in last two decades and still there are more than 2 lakh people are associated with this industry directly or indirectly.

The government has also introduced many handicraft programs and has also partnered with the south african fashion week to create and show a catalog by mixing the fusion of the fashion and crafts. Still this the youth unemployment problem is still persist. It is necessary to be removed by the south african government and Citizens collaboration.   

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