The global market of home accessory products is on its extreme especially in the countries of USA, Germany, UK, spain, Japan, Hong kong etc. US plays a significant role in it as being the significant market of home accessories.

The worldwide market for the home decor and apparel market of the handicraft industry is measured to be the worth of more than 600 billion USD and the CAGR market rate is forecasted to be 4% in between the fiscal years of 2015-2020.

With this the requirement of the eco-friendly home decor products is increasing day by day. In amongst all of the countries, the US alone has the market worth of 100 billion USD. Europe has the second highest place in the worldwide home decor market having the worth of 60 billion USD, not far behind from the US market.   

The chinese economics has been increasing steadily not only in the field of the electronics and IT accessories but also the interest to compete with the european and United States market products is also increasing. There was an era, when the buyers were only from european countries only but also the buyers from Japan, Malaysia, China and India are also increasing.


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