To stay ahead in the competition in this 21st century, it is necessary for the organizations to adopt the organization wide enterprise resource planning systems in terms of profit and revenue potential. To reveal right information to right partner, it can bring the marvelous amount of returns to the organization especially in the case of SMEs.

There is a big problem in the case of SME companies is that there is a lot of communication gap in between the vendors specifications and SME overall business strategy. To understand the real case scenario of the integration of the ERP in SME company, it is necessary to understand the overall scenario of the SME problems.

In the implementation process of the ERP system in the MSME sector enterprises, it is necessary to perform the proper feasibility analysis of the organization because budget allocation of financial resources is a very crucial case in MSMEs. Australian companies are the complete example of this scenario.

Corresponding to the large organizations, there is a lot of the problems in the case of small sector enterprises. There is a lot of the need of the training and marketing needs in MSMEs. Finance allocation is always necessary in the case of MSME sector enterprises. Small sector enterprises are the best in the case of expert growth and employment generation.

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