The Government of Gujarat has given priority to make its handicraft sector more employment oriented because it is necessary to make alive to the faded exquisite arts and handicrafts of ancient India.

In this category, Gujarat government has taken the initiative of “about craft of gujarat” which is a first ever initiative to add the craftsmen across the consumers of the Globe. There has been the incredible fact associated with the Gujarat that its western part is associated with the coastal part of the arabian sea.

So many traders came in the coastal side and they have left the symbols of their international arts of handicraft items. In Gujarat, there is a lot of diverse communities involved in making handicrafts specially in Kutch area.

In Gujarat, the stitching work, clothing and wall decoration work is on the extreme. Here ladies are also involved in making the bags and fabric work. Here the people of Rabari community are found to be involved in fabric, clothing, wall decoration work as well.


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