The market of cloud computing in Germany is promising more than any other segment. There are two reasons for the growth of cloud computing market - cost effectiveness and flexibility. In between 2013 and 2015, cloud computing has been more important in German market and entrepreneurs.

In German entrepreneurial market, approximately 45% of companies have adopted the cloud computing concepts. As per according to the BITCOM report, 24% of organizations are preparing for the introducing of the cloud ERP industry. In 2016, the market of ERP market is measured the worth of 35%. ( Nearly 12 billion euro ).

From the establishing point of views of data centers, In germany there is a lot of space available (nearly 2.65 million square meter). In organizations, there will be a concentrated demand for the data centers to manage the information architecture to meet the regulatory, administrative and corporate requirements.

There is a new trend of social business platforms coming as a new era in German corporates. Today Corporates are still feeling the importance of productivity, easy data management, collaboration and proper information flow. Today Microsoft, IBM, Jive alike companies are working significantly in the field of cloud computing.    


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