Germany is the largest software exporting country in the european market far lagging behind to france and UK on second and third place.

It is forecasted that the CAGR rate of the ERP software industry rate in Germany has been 5.5% in between 2016-19.  It has also been successful in surviving against the worldwide economic recession.

Generally there are many ERP software companies which are working worldwide as the  ERP software vendor belonging from Germany.

There is a place in Germany called Mittlesland which are the center point of the Germany economic and industrial landscape, they are also mainly the SME companies working in the software industry.

In Germany, the big data is a buzzword but is still in its infancy. In Germany, it is being operated by internet, ecommerce, software and customised applications. Here the worth of big data market is measured the worth of approximately 3 billion INR in 2018 to 2020.

Here there are more investment opportunities for the hardware, software, bandwidth acceleration, database and analytics technologies.


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