Today is the era of cloud erp software in which the trend of the hybrid model is rocking the world. It is grooming successfully in those areas where cruciality of securing the data is on the extreme like - sales and marketing, distribution, finance department etc.

Today a new trend is grooming that a large amount of data should be stored in the public offices and PCs with the proper security levels instead of securing it in the large data centers.

Proper selection of cloud ERP vendor should be the ultimate priority of the corporates because cloud ERP software can give you the ample data storage but they also create the problem of data security breach problems.

The data access level of the erp software should be designed properly that only an administrator level person will access the level or the multiple level of people will access the complete ERP application.  

In hybrid ERP technology, it is emphasized greatly that the data will be stored on the cloud system server and data can be accessed on the client website online. This is result of the internet of things, where connectivity is a scaling criteria for the multiple of organizations to connect with each other.


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