Overview of some important ERP vendors -


SAP is the world’s most well renowned cloud ERP software company which is helping the organizations and businesses to manage their bulk amount of data in more than 25 industries. It has been adopted in more than 120 different countries and more than 40000 customers are taking the advantage of SAP services and customised applications.  The version of SAP 6.0 was the world’s fastest ERP software which was adopted in the worldwide organizations.

Microsoft Dynamics -

Microsoft Dynamics ERP is another one cloud ERP software which is comprised of nine software customised modules. It was basically developed for mid sized companies and small businesses. This ERP can be configured and easily managed with the internal IT teams and SQL operations. In the whole world, more than 2000 users have adopted it. The biggest quality of this software is that it has enterprise level reporting features and also provides flexible decision making support.

Compiere open source ERP software -

Compiere open source ERP software is manufactured while considering the fact that ERP should be made by using the customising needs of the business requirements. This functionality can reduce the overall operating cost of the organization. The biggest quality of this ERP software is this that it can be installed and configured within minutes than other commercial CRM software.


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