The wooden furniture market is going to rock in the fiscal year from 2018 to 2022 because it is predicted that the CAGR is going to become atleast 5% per annum. Now the question arises why ?

Today the biggest problem is global warming which is the biggest problem in today’s economy. To solve this problem and to provide balanced warmth to a house, the trend of wooden furniture has been raised.

The additional reason of increasing the trend of the wooden furniture is the increasing number of commercial and office space. It indicates that the desire of becoming wealthy, prosperous and powerful is increasing day by day in Indian people especially in youth generation.

Obviously how much the offices and commercial residential buildings area will increase, the need for wooden furniture will also increase. There are two type of woods trending in market - hardwood and softwood.

Hardwood segment is one of the most leading wood segment than softwood furniture. Hardwood is much durable and long time functional in nature. So hardwood segment is more flexible and trendy in nature.

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