Fairs and exhibitions are one of the most effective ways to promote handicraft items since the beginning. Global autumn fair is one of the fairs in which the number of the retailers and craftsmen are eager to showcase their products and catalogs.

In it the retailers gain the opportunity to showcase their products and catalogs in front of the UL public like - gift retailers, store buyers, multi store retailers and independent working retailers.

This fair can be considered as a golden opportunity for the Indian craftsmen because in UK there is a lot of promotional opportunities for the Indian Handicrafts. The UK handicraft market is interpreted to have the worth of 350 million euro.    

In the global handicraft fair, It is told to another craftsmen that how to take the advantage of the global handicraft market which is going at the rate of 12% in b/w 2015 and 2019. The craftsmen showcase their products and services to the global public. It is the best way to promote the handicraft industry mainly owned by local and rural artisans.

What kind of products are shown to the public in global autumn fair -

soft furnishing


home decor



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