Two-tiered ERP software is a kind of cloud ERP software which is used by the multinational corporations. In this concept, a single location of the company uses different modules or complete software package and the different location branch office uses the different modules or a complete software package.

This two tiered ERP software package is implemented at those plants and companies which are handling the different operating processes.  In this type of cases ERP implementation process gets a bit slippery and a bit of mistake is sufficient to destroy the whole accounting process of the whole organization. It can ruin the overall health of the organization.

In this two tiered ERP software system, there is a lot of scope of block chaining especially in the manufacturing processes and it is predicted to become the future of ERP software. It is estimated that blockchaining methodology can reduce up to 20-25% shipping cost in logistics.

Blockchaining is not a decades old system. Bitcoins are called the digital gold and while adopting the blockchaining and digital currency concepts, it will bring the new revolution in the ERP industry because of it is giving control to the complete internal data of the organizations over the other associated financial institutions. It increases the overall security in financial transactions.      

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