Today the whole world is dominated by mobiles and smartphones. It is forecasted to reach the number of worldwide smartphone users upto more than 4 billion. This smartphone technology is soon to enter in the arena of ERP segment.

Today ERP is soon accessed by smartphones for real data monitoring. Today still the Microsoft Excel is the most favourite choice for the company finance and administration officers to handle the complex data and mathematical calculations.

But today the companies are starting to realize the power of the ERP software and they are leading the most of the workload to ERP systems instead of excel. Today the add ons and extensions are being developed to inculcate the mobility of the ERP software.  

Today the hybrid ERP systems are being developed in the organizations. Due to this hybridization, many cloud ERP software are being prepared as per according the needs of organization and the modules are being added as per the choice. Company can later add/remove the modules as per their customisation. So there is no need to develop the software from the scratch.  

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