Today is the era of artificial intelligence (AI). In ERP sector,  it has changed the complete working scenario in a very low period time wherever ERP industry is still passing through its inception time.

Today AI enabled ERP systems bring reduction in operational cost, increase operational efficiency and minimize human errors. A perfectly optimized ERP software leaves the employees for more productive tasks and saves time.

Today while adopting to AI concept, it is as well necessary to develop the ERP software with open source customization facilities. An easy customizable ERP software can easily be integrated to the other apps in a company. They have no licensing fee issues as well.

ERP business trends always welcome to the open source programming framework like - Hadoop and PHP which connects easily with real big data analytics to the businesses. Today cloud ERP software trends have enabled the ERP systems to handle data with big data handling issues.

It can upgrade the overall structure of the organization to maintain and upgrade the business information architecture. Big memory computing facilities will be the future of ERP software trends and give an ultimate edge to company over its competitors.

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