The ERP industry is still passing through its inception era. Today the biggest problem in this segment is this that the ERP vendors can have the best products in front of the customers but it is dependent on the overall B2B consumers that they should adopt it or not. To try new technologies customers have to be risk-averse.

It is the consideration of the Nucleus research center, that the 2018 is the year of the value based cloud ERP ( enterprise resource planning ) technology. The main aim will be on the departments in a manufacturing industry like - Finance, Accounting, Inventory management. The cloud ERP software will be based upon the proper analytics based approach.

In 2017, the ERP vendors were in the search of the ERP customers, which were willing for the customised application to fulfill their special requirements. Today the 20% of the customers are not satisfied of the performance of their existing ERP software applications.

Cloud ERP software vendors have the need of developing the applications which are flexible to the customers. It is the consideration of the nucleus research center that the ERP vendors have the need to work on their applications to make it more value delivering.

2018 is the year that will be a stepping stone in the path for the customers who are willing to change their way to operate their business cycles. By getting the ability of the cloud ERP software customers will be completely able to get the proper data for review and monitor their business performance.

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