Jute is one of the significant raw material for the Indian Textile industry not only from today but from the ancient time. Today more than 3 million workers are associated from this ancient production line of Jute products. The Indian Government has provided a provision to provide 6000 crore INR.

There is a software platform introduced named Jute-SMART which is established from 1 november 2016. From this software, approximately 67% of Jute bags are being processed from the software. This can be considered as a E-governance framework where multiple stakeholders are available on the same platform to administrate the multiple transactions.

There is an effort implemented by the Government that the additional employment opportunities are provided to the additional 4 lakh people and in between the 1 lakh people will be task forced in to the company.

In the scheme for 10th five year plan, it is planned that the 40 crore rupees will be implemented for the development of the common infrastructure facilities and other manufacturing facilities. There are fully operational 6 textile parks established, in which the more than five thousand manufacturing units are planned to be established and more than 3 lakh persons are to be established as a planned taskforce.     

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