Digitization of education is the most burning need of today. In Liberia alike country, there is a huge scope of internet and technology, the potential of digitization is much more present in as virtual universities and online courses. Throughout internet, educational and economical goals can easily be attained and the overall scenario of the digital education can easily be created.

In Liberian colleges and universities, there is multidimensional need of integration of ERP software with the institutions. There is found to be lack of technical knowledge and resources  in the universities and other academic institutes. So there is the need to test, develop, deploy and use the simple open source software at various academic institutes.

As we all know, that the technology integration slow rate is always caused by lack of financial and technical abilities. The ultimate strange factor is the cost of software and thus many schools, colleges and other academic institutes use pirated software to save themselves from licensing fee. They can also become victim from ERP vendors.

It is mandatory for all the schools/colleges/universities and other type of academic institutes that they should also develop ICT software in their premises. In addition, web development programming lessons can also be given to the students related to the following languages -

HTML5, CSS, Python, ruby, JAVA, SQL, MYSQL, Javascript, ASP.NET etc.


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