Today the ERP systems have been feeling growth in the usage in the MNC employees but soon after adopting of the ERP systems, there is a new need of the customised packages instead of the basic modularised ERP packages. The centralised market of the ERP is found more than 85% in western countries so there is a great scope of ERP there.

Today there is a new trend of the ERP definitions which changes due to the analysts and philosophers time to time. The annual growth rate of the ERP sector is measured approximately 20% per year. Till 1998, the annual market worth of the ERP market is approximately 10 billion dollars.

There is a lack of competent people in ERP industry who are well versed in it. ERP vendors are affected in high quantity. One company that is rocking the world is SAP. This german vendor have occupied more than 30% of the market. The other one competing companies are  Oracle, Peoplesoft, baan, SSA, JBA etc but they are far behind than SAP.

Many large organizations have adopted the ERP systems, especially the R/3 version of the SAP. But the SAP is needed to develop the cheaper and small modularised systems because the R/3 version of SAP is very difficult in implementation and cost so SAP partners have to take the immediate actions in reducing its software implementation time.

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