In service industry, especially cloud storage and ERP ( enterprise resource planning ) segment, product innovation is very important so that the new learning environment in the knowledge based companies can be enhanced. The ERP and cloud storage market is dominated by SAP which is continued to persist its craze and in the near future also.

The growth of a firm in the ERP segment depends on the change management approach and the balance approach of the organization. As per the modeling system approach, there are two types of loops in an organization - reinforcing and balancing approach. In the reinforcement approach, which is also known as the positive approach, is helpful in the enhancing and spreading the ERP software usage.

In the balancing loop, which is also known as the negative approach, only creates the resistance towards the proper change management. When the ERP software were in their initial phase, they were used only for material planning and inventory handling. Later on their customisable editions, financial management components were also added.

Today in ERP software, the CRM software is also on their craze. Today many consolidated players of ERP software like salesforce only deal in CRM initiatives. There are many big ERP vendors, which still exists today in this industry, they were established in the 1970s like - Oracle, Netsuite, peoplesoft, SAP etc.

Today there are many type of software services are in the ERP fashion and trends like - SAAS (software as a service), IAAS ( infrastructure as a service ) , PAAS ( Platform as a service). The future of these services is bright.

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