There is a tremendous change in real estate and housing property level of the India. Obviously it has affected the bamboo and timber industry. The market of machine made doors and frames has been increased up to 15% rate. Due to increasing demand, India is unable to fulfill the plywood and timber demand from its domestic resources.

Due to increasing demand of wood, India has started importing it from the other countries and the proper import of India has been increased in the last years. The plywood industry has straight affected the industrial growth in India. This figure has been the most significant in the financial year of 2015-16.

Indian manufacturing sector specially - wooden furniture crafting industry has the huge possibilities of employing the people in large quantity. Today more than 80 million people in India are involved in these manufacturing industries. It provides approximately 35% contribution to the Indian economy.

To promote this sector there is the huge demand to increase the FDI initiatives in country. India has adopted a liberal policy towards the FDI which is also showing a positive impact on the economy and market position and increases the employment opportunities.

The Indian Government has launched the mission of smart cities under the make in India concept for the local area development. It includes all the aspects which are necessary for the plywood and other industrial development like - waste management, sanitation, water and electricity management, robust IT connectivity and affordable housing services for poor.

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