India is the country of villages. Approximately more than 60% of population resides in India in rural areas. Handicraft sector is one of those sectors, by which a complete segment of rural population is able to get their standard of living. Handicraft sector is one of the segments of India in which the export can also be increased and it also increases the foreign currency level of the country.

Handicraft sector shows flexibility, versatility and innovation in the whole designs and the sector is alive due to its designs. Although handicraft facility is not incorporated under any law but the central government is trying the best at its level to provide legal and socio-economic protection to the sector.

The Chikankari work of Lucknow is very famous in India which is originated in Uttar Pradesh. It is the most embroidery work of India in which the textile items are decorated for more beauty and value addition. It is considered as an art to preserve the country domestic applications.

The origin of chikankari work is considered from Persia and it came in India after a long voyage. There are some proofs that in Dacca, muslims were also engaged in producing the chikankari products. Some people also consider it originated from the the Mughal time.This chikankar cluster is being so important in India because this is the medium of living of more than 3 lakh people. This art is spread not only in Lucknow but also in other seven districts of Uttar Pradesh. The young generation is also approaching this field as a profession. Thus the future of this art is so bright.

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