Empire Couriers is a Tasmanian oriented firm which was started in 2010 and today till coming to 2018, this company has converted into the enterprise for offering end product distribution to a large quantity. This company deals in freight delivery. This company has 3 branch offices in Tasmania.

Today this company is striving to gain the customer services and on-time delivery. The company is well expert in getting the knowledge of the Tasmania weather routes, locations & driving conditions. It also often helps in providing the customer driven services in time.

Why was ERP software implemented into Empire Couriers ?

The initial problem EC was facing that the existing systems were facing the problem of limited data and it also needed the data management by automation oriented systems instead of manual interruption. In addition to that, the branch locations were at different locations, so to access the integrated data was really very necessary.

In addition to that, some tracking systems were also necessary to be tracked by the company like - tracking of parcels, tracking of driver and shipment etc. The EC company was not able to implement the sole systems for each of these tasks.

Firstly Odoo implemented the erp software which could firstly handle the financial system and ticketing system. There was also the facility in ERP to handle the CMS & website portal as well. This custom solution was made to handle the tracking of drivers.  

Benefits -    

  • real time tracking of drivers

  • real time information system for packaging

  • integration of multiple distributed systems to central database

  • financial management and invoice creation with the freight management system

  • automated invoicing system



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