Globalization (also known as Americanization) has impacted a lot to the economical, political and cultural scenario of the Indian Handicrafts, arts and skills. It has also impacted the transaction of goods and services, capital flows, widespread technology selection also in the international level.

Indian handicrafts has its own place of its beauty, dignity, style and aesthetics with the high quality. There are a number of variegated designs and varieties in Indian craftsmanship which have very ancient origin in civilizations.

The globalization, since 1991, has impacted the handicraft industry both at the micro and macro level. In 1990-91, the export worth of the Indian handicraft was 1200 crore rupees and in 2001, it was more than 9000 crore rupees. In 2010, it has crossed 32000 rupees of foreign exchange.  

Indian handicrafts have been the global precious stone of the great culture and heritage diversity and in last 2 decades especially, the demand of Indian wooden materials has been increased. The incredible factor is also has been attached with the indian handicrafts that the unlike chinese handicrafts, they are made by hand and are very artistic, traditional and of decorative value.

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