The local tribes and communities living in the forets, living in any country, are famous in utilizing the forest products in the multiple of ways. Generally the timberwood is used as the firewood, utensils and medicine making. Generally we can say that the forests are used to make the products which have both non commercial and commercial value.

In china there is a land full of flora and fauna which is an appropriate place  for woodland. Generally trees of large size are more useful than the trees of small size. Generally these woods are used in making in the sticks, shoes, hats, hats and ropes. Specially bamboo tree is generally used to make the handicraft and furniture items.

There are many furniture items which are still of the use of farmers. They are not used for the purpose of selling. still shoes are not used to make from these furniture. In China rural areas the selling of handicraft items specially wooden stuff is not easy. The monitoring of timber use is mandatory as per the forest conservation act 1930-32.    

The plants and small size trees are generally grown in China for domestic and money uses. In china, the making of wooden furniture is very low so the tree population is still high in natural environment.

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