Indian handicraft shows the contemporary and modern outlook of more than 6 million Indian Craftsmen. The basic nature of Indian Handicraft sector is decentralised today because it exists today both with in the rural and urban area.

The most common Indian Handicrafts are - wooden crafts, jewelry, statues, clothes, metal and glassware products. Today the increasing demand of the Indian handicrafts has been considerable in these past years.

Main client of the Indian Handicrafts -

USA, UK, Germany, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Japan and France etc.

Today promotion is very necessary for every kind of products and service based industry. To promote the handicraft products it is very necessary to tell the people about the products and they can get access to the worldwide market easily to showcase their talent. The money & capital requirements are still low there.

Government is also participating in this sector development by implementing the Baba ambedkar hastshilp development program in which the government can develop the handicraft promotions by intervening in the social, financial and economical perspectives. The main components of the schemes are product marketing, development and welfare measures.   

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