Pazstone is a supplier, manufacturer, distributor and retailer of stone products at the most competitive products as full service solutions made of marble, granite, limestone and engineering stone. It was established in 2005 and it was separated from its own commercial stone industry.

Why was the erp implemented in the Pazstone company -

Before implementing the erp software, Pazstone was dependant on the excel spreadsheets and shared folders concept to share their project data and much of the clerical staff was needed to perform this task individually. Still there was the possibility of most common but expensive errors.

It was difficult for the Pazstone company for the measuring of the data of sales analysis and whole of the manufacturing system was being handled manually. There was calendaring system used pertaining third party to handle the on-site installations. In addition, there was no any mobile API integrated with the installers.

How odoo ERP software was installed in the Pazstone company -

There was separate mobile API solution provided to the on-site staff. Besides this, custom order entry system was implemented for the order invoicing properly. To manage the stock level repositories, receipts and deliveries, at each level the dynamic workflow control system framework was implemented. Separate invoices were being started to generate the contractor’s payment.

Benefits -

  • up to date sales reports on time

  • decrease in the staff for order entries

  • exceptional growth since the erp implementation

  • excellent automated generated order invoices

  • better control and planning in manufacturing process


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