Move victoria is a separate company which deals in products related to muscular health. This company is headquartered in Australia and their supporters are all across the world. The company has also won the support of health professionals and researchers.

Move victoria company was started in 1965 and within the three years of establishment, they became a separate organization in 1968.  

Why was the erp software launched in the Move Victoria ?

The first and foremost problem was related to data duplication and data accessibility. The data was segregated into the multiple of places so it was necessary to bring it to a single application. It was also necessary to develop the email and other SMS facilities for proper communication.

It was also necessary for the Move Victoria company to stop people keeping their own private data stores and it became mandatory to bring all the fragmented data from excel spreadsheets for specific requirements and research projects.

Success and benefits -

  • Increase in visibility in the whole organization and stakeholders as well

  • A single database was made to store data which could show the information in the list format

  • The software of odoo also shares when and what to offer while partnering with any other organization

  • It was necessary as well tough to enter into new information platform to find new future possibilities and opportunities

  • With odoo erp software, Move company also added the donor management, human resources and financial management capabilities


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