When both the corporates ( large and small scale ) implements an ERP software in their premises, they understand it as a mean of improving communication in all of their departments & headquarters across countries and increase the productivity.

The main support is needed from the executive side of the top level although, to get the departmental branch support is necessary for the successful implementation of the ERP software. However the trained employees and divisional managers appreciably support the ERP software implementation.

The constant availability of the executive support level, project managers and project teams kept these employees motivated and encouraged for the successful implementation of the ERP software.

Generally it is seen that if the divisional managers are one of the persons who are involved in handling the erp software implementation, they don’t show their interest in implementing ERP. If the departmental manager shows the support in the implementation of ERP software, then it also motivates his employees as well.

The organization who is implementing the erp software, it is necessary for them to adopt the proactive approach instead of the reactive approach. The proper implementation of the ERP software should be based on this approach that in the next five years, how much it will contribute to the organization.

For the successful implementation of an ERP software, it is necessary for the project team to understand the corporate objectives, process choices and the whole business infrastructure. To be successful in ERP and technological industry, it is necessary to be deciding the ERP software goals and objectives in the future as well.

Unsuccessful companies are not able to understand their strategic alignment with the business goals and objectives. They just focus only on the present goals, objectives & small tasks like - inventory management, stock management, billings and making journal entries.


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