Australian Target System is one of the five target business systems and it has its own large global customer base in military, navy, police and other government units. In the last one decade approximately, it has provided the equipments to every australian soldier who is on the combat. It is an established firm since 1950.

Why ERP software was needed in the system? -

ATS was using a standalone business system, which was reaching its limit and was time consuming and they were also using the physical hardware which was very outdated and very untrusted.

The biggest integration problem was associated with the ATS that its offices were at the dispersed locations and the staff was needed the fast response time and process transparency. The automated tasks were necessarily to be performed for the administrative flexibility and proper decision making.

To fetch the operational efficiency and upgradation of the information technology was the primary need of the ATS because the above problems were increasing the challenges unreliably. ATS was needed the complete browser compatible erp software which could become available 24 X 7 X 365 and can be integrated with the all type of business departmental functions.    

In the first phase of launching, the ERP software was implemented as per according to the ATS procedures and policies and all the key personnels were included from all the departments. They all succeeded in implementing the erp software successfully and they implemented the odoo erp software.


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