When we talk about myths about ERP software, one of the major problem is pertaining the cost and budget of the ERP software. It can directly motivate or demotivate the company from implementing or non implementing of the ERP software.

So today there is the biggest question arises that Is the erp software really expensive ? The answer is ”a big big no” because after spending two decades in the ERP development from its infancy, we are in that era, where erp software is available in multiple of varieties and modules.

The plus point is this that these ERP software are based on cloud technology and open source customisations. In additional the number of modules can also be increased or decreased as per according to the business complexities.

There are many type of direct and indirect costs attached with the implementation and purchasing with the readymade software. But the overall cloud technology and open source facilities has lower down the cost.  

Yes, there are some costs incurred while maintaining and operating the ERP software. But these costs are sufficient enough to bring huge amount of main production/operational cost saving and profit potential to the company.

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