ERP industry is passing through a new revolutionizing era. In the past two decades, ERP industry has changed the complete scenario of the working within companies and it has also established a complete tighter control among all their business processes. In this article, the main motive is to explain the basic considerations which should be used for the implementing ERP software -

Change is everything -

There is nothing constant in this world but is change. So no business organization will be in the current state after next 5 or 10 years, in which it exists today. So it would be the biggest fault for a company which is dependent on the ERP software which cannot handle the multiple departmental processes.

ERP software must have good reporting skills -

In the traditional erp systems, it was a burdensome work for the employees to generate the analytical reports for decision making and day to day reports. But there is nothing like this with today’s erp software. Today ERP software has the analytical dashboard facilities as well they also provide the very user - friendly reports and necessary data within blinks of eye.

Industry specific capabilities -   

Every industry is so different from each other. The core functionality of the erp software manages all kind of business activities and there should be a different modular approaches in the ERP software as per according to the industry specific and business specific requirements. It can vary from industry to industry.


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