The Indian education industry is developing worldwide with a pleasant growing rate. The Indian education industry is distributed amongst more than 800 educational institutes and more than 30000 universities. More than 35 million students were being enrolled in the 2016-17 session.  

Today education industry is changing rapidly. With the passing of time, the key players, textbooks and curriculum reforms have been changed primarily because in the education industry it is more emphasized on the individual behaviour and personality and it effects the whole decision making of key players.

Today there are many root systematic and infrastructural problems in the Indian education sector. The efficiency of the schools is only limited to serve mid-day schools and infrastructural facilities in central governments. Budgetary constraints, limited manpower, technological resources are the other possible reasons for stoppage the growth of education industry of India.

There is also lack of research opportunities in Indian education industry. Today there are many talented and intellectual students who leave the country every year in context of performing research opportunities.

This factor tells that there is a lot of financial support and a great financially stable competency model should be developed which can provide financial opportunities. Today in the staff of teachers, they are burdened with a lot of administrative tasks and there becomes a lot of distortion from the root learning capacities.  

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